Dont wait 6 - 8 weeks for the banks, private lenders can help you settle on time

How It Works

Commercial bridging loans are used by business people who simply cannot wait for the banks usual 6-8 week settlement times.


In this event borrowers turn to private lenders to settle on time.

After being involved with the setup and settling in excess of 400 loans in approximately 10 years, Secured Returns Management are experienced leaders that assessed up to 10 commercial loans per week.


Approximately 1 out of every 10 applications pass a rigorous credit process and would be considered an acceptable loan to fund.

When management loan opportunities to fund than we can handle, instead of letting the borrower go unserviced, we will see if there is another private lender is willing to fund the loan.

After a loan application is deemed acceptable Management then determines whether or not they have sufficient resources available to fund the loan.  In the event of a shortfall, details of the loan opportunity are presented to a private lender as a loan opportunity to fund.


The lender is given full details of the application and the right to either reject or agree to fund the opportunity within a given time frame which is usually 24 hours.


If the lender agrees to go ahead with the loan they simply deposit the required funds into their solicitors trust account who then prepares the specific loan documentation and moves to settle the loan.


When the due date for repayment of the loan arrives, the private lender instructs their solicitor to organise for release documents to be prepared and the loan repaid.


Its that Simple.