Becoming a Private Lender
  • Be secured by Australian real estate
  • Deal with the professionals


Being a successful lender requires the same philosophy of all business owners:

Mitigate risk and loss to provide the safest return possible for money outlaid.


Below are a few golden rules which we follow and pass onto you the lender;

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  • ALWAYS take Australian Real Estate Security with acceptable equity levels.

  • ALWAYS be in control. With our system, you are the lender. The loan, its security and its rewards are in your name or the name of your related entity. You will always be in control to organise repayment of your capital and your interest directly back to you.

  • ALWAYS deal with experienced professionals.

We can recommend highly experienced law firms for you to use and for you to prepare documentation and register securities.

These law firms have professional indemnity insurance (Law Claims) if any errors occur to give you that peace of mind required in any matter of a commercial nature where lawyers are involved.


Reasons why this is, in our opinion one of the Best Business Opportunities that you will EVER possibly participate in:

  • You can operate from home, office or even your boat with no upfront selling involved;

  • Mathematically calculated returns; *refer to risk factors

  • All loans secured by registered mortgages over Australian Real Estate in your name!

  • We find and make a preliminary credit assessment of loans for you!;

  • Work with industry professionals as educators we are there to guide you every step of the way.